Marie Curie RISE Smart GEMS

Smart grid is a dynamically interactive real-time infrastructure concept that encompasses the many visions of diverse energy system stakeholders. The Smart Grid is integrating the electrical and information technologies in between any point of generation and any point of consumption. The main objective of the SMART GEMS project is to fully analyse all aspects of smart grids targeting at the improvement of reliability, mitigation of security risks, load shaping and energy efficiency, optimal integration and generation-consumption matching as well as smart monitoring and control.

To this end, the aim of the SMART GEMS project is to use Smart Grids’ optimisation and reliable operation concept as the common basis for collaboration and staff exchange among the partners.

The overall effort will be based on two existing smart grid infrastructures owned by TUC and AEA to exploit the complementary expertise of the participants as well as enhance and create more synergies. Moreover the infrastructure of all partners will be made available for the project’s goals. In this framework, SMART-GEMS partners are selected to formulate a complementary group which encompasses all the major aspects of smart grids.

During the SMART GEMS secondments, a mixture of research and training will be blended in a suitable proportion as to maximise the career perspectives of the researchers involved and focus on innovation skills related to smart grids and smart communities interdisciplinary aspects.

The methodological approach is designed to enhance the researchers’ competiveness and promote ideas sharing from research to market and vice versa. The methodology is based on a cycle expansion of three phases where all participants are actively involved.