Welcome to the Energy Management in the Built Environment Research Lab (EMBER)

EMBER is focusing on applied research in the following topics:

  • Human health and wellbeing in the urban built environment
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and built environment.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency.
  • Thermal Comfort, Visual Comfort and Indoor Air Quality.
  • Performance indicators.
  • Green Buildings.
  • Zero carbon emissions buildings.
  • Urban environment and Climate Change.
  • Urban heat island studies and urban heat island mitigation techniques.
  • Energy Management Systems.
  • Monitoring and Control of indoor environmental conditions. 
  • Design and integration of smart systems in buildings and urban environment.

The Laboratory staff is involved in various EC and national project projects such as H2020 VARCITIES (VisionARy nature based actions for health, wellbeing & resilience in CITIES), PROBONO (Activation of NATURE-based solutions for a JUST low carbon transition), JUSTNATURE (Activation of NATURE-based solutions for a JUST low carbon transition).