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Peer Review Journal Articles


  1. Santamouris, M., Paravantis, J. A., Founda, D., Kolokotsa, D., Michalakakou, P., Papadopoulos, A. M., . . . Servou, E. (2013). Financial crisis and energy consumption: A household survey in Greece. Energy and Buildings, 65, 477-487. 
  2. Kapetanakis, I. A., Kolokotsa, D., & Maria, E. A. (2014). Parametric analysis and assessment of the photovoltaics' landscape integration: Technical and legal aspects. Renewable Energy, 67, 207-214.
  3. Maragkogiannis, K., Kolokotsa, D., Maravelakis, E., & Konstantaras, A. (2014). Combining terrestrial laser scanning and computational fluid dynamics for the study of the urban thermal environment. Sustainable Cities and Society,
  4. Mastrapostoli, E., Karlessi, T., Pantazaras, A., Kolokotsa, D., Gobakis, K., & Santamouris, M. (2014). On the cooling potential of cool roofs in cold climates: Use of cool fluorocarbon coatings to enhance the optical properties and the energy performance of industrial buildings. Energy and Buildings, 69, 417-425.
  5. Skoulika, F., Santamouris, M., Kolokotsa, D., & Boemi, N. (2014). On the thermal characteristics and the mitigation potential of a medium size urban park in Αthens, greece. Landscape and Urban Planning, 123, 73-86.
  6. Spanaki, A., Kolokotsa, D., Tsoutsos, T., & Zacharopoulos, I. (2014). Assessing the passive cooling effect of the ventilated pond protected with a reflecting layer. Applied Energy, 123, 273-280. 



Conference Proceedings


  1. Spanaki, D. Kolokotsa, T. Tsoutsos, I. Zacharopoulos, Experimental analysis of small scale roof ponds, protected by a variety of materials in different positions in regard to water level in Proc of Joint Conference 34th AIVC- 3rd TightVent- 2nd Cool Roofs’ - 1st venticool, 25-26 September 2013, Athens, Greece
  2. Dionysia Kolokotsa, Mattheos Santamouris, Energy Poverty in Europe: Challenges for energy efficiency 5th IEEE International Conference on Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications (IISA2014) Chania, Crete, Greece on July 7-9, 2014.
  3. Papantoniou, S., & Kolokotsa, D, Prediction of outdoor air temperature using Neural Networks; application in 4 European cities. In Third International conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Island, Venice 2014.