Optimization of LEAF microgrid

An emerging need for distributed generation in the last decades has led to the uptake of the microgridor smart grid concept. This approach allows for local control of distributed generation thereby reducing or eliminating the need for central dispatch. Intentional islanding of generation and loads has the potential to provide a higher local reliability than that provided by the power system as a whole. The smaller size of emerging generation technologies permits energy production, loads and storage to be placed optimally. Such applications can more than double the overall efficiencies of the systems.

The aim of the OPT-LEAF microgrid project is to develop the optimization and control algorithms for the operation of the LEAF Community microgrid with objective to minimize the cost of energy for the microgrid users.

 An efficient, robust and rapidly-adapting real-time optimisation strategy will be developed, capable of providing optimal – or nearly-optimal – power balance of all Leaf subsystems taking into account the predicted parameters, the units specification and limitations, along with the current power production and load demands2 and the current environmental parameters.