Welcome to the Energy Management in the Built Environment Research Lab (EMBER)

EMBER is focusing on applied research in the following topics:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings and built environment.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency.
  • Thermal Comfort, Visual Comfort and Indoor Air Quality.
  •  Performance indicators.
  • Green Buildings.
  • Zero carbon emissions buildings.
  • Urban environment and Climate Change.
  • Urban heat island studies and urban heat island mitigation techniques.
  • Energy Management Systems.
  • Monitoring and Control of indoor environmental conditions. 
  • Design and integration of smart systems in buildings and urban environment.

The Laboratory staff is involved in various EC and national project projects such as FP7-ICT project 'PEBBLE' targeting to zero energy buildings, the FP7-ENVIRONMENT project 'BRIDGE' aiming to improve the urban environment via the anticipation of the urban heat island the IEE project "Promotion of Cool Roofs in EU", the Green@Hospital CIP project, the Horizon Marie Curie Project SMART GEMS, etc.

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